Mariam et Jean-Michel Cornu de Lenclos

JEAN-MICHEL CORNU DE LENCLOS. Born on the 13th of June 1956 in Indochina, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) where his father was a French aviator. He was raised in France. Familiar with French history from an early age, Jean developped a keen interest in litterature and the arts, and was always a voracious reader and a precocious artist. He also developed a profound belief in his destiny to achieve great things. Due to the family tradition, he was sent to the elite military college, Prytanee, to be an cadet officer. He did not consider that a military career was the best way to make a name for himself. Counter to his father’s expectations, he left to study fine arts, showing a deep interest for Budhist Zen painting and calligraphy. He finaly chose his own master in the person of the great chinese painter from the 17th century, Chu ta or Zhu da (also known as Pa-ta-shan-jen or Bada Shanren). A character and a bit of an eccentric, known for his particular fits of madness, with whom Jean shares, albeit over the centuries, the same unconventional attitude in life.


DESIGNER. He opened a design studio in Paris and became one of those young remarquable french designers ot the 80’s whose relevent design had such a strong impact on international style. He worked for famous companies and brands in France and abroad, like Van Cleef & Arpels, Porsche, Mercedes, Waterman, St Gobain, Christofle, Paloma Picasso, Toshiba, Kanebo, etc. He had a successful career, winning many awards and giving master classes all around the world.


PUBLISHER & WRITER. At the top of this design career, he suddenly resigned from this leading social position and became a French publisher in 2001 in Provence (south of France). For he had never stopped all these years to love passionately reading and writing. He still continues to publish books in the fields of art, litterature, eroticism and anthropology. As a writer, his books have been published in France: novels, poetry and essays. He wrote many introductions as well.


PHOTOGRAPHER. He is also a photographer. His photographs have been shown at the Museum of Photography in Riga.


RESEARCHER.He shared these last years between France and Ethiopia (East Africa) as a researcher (EHESS, «School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences»; in the footsteps of the famous french poet Arthur Rimbaud who lived there at the end of the 19th century ( After living and conducting research in the old city of Harar (east of Ethiopia) where the genius French poet spent enigmatic years, he is now writing in Thailand a book and a movie on this experience. This is the reason why he came to Chiang Mai. 


NOW A PAINTER IN THAILAND. Jean-Michel Cornu de Lenclos decided recently to establish in Chiang Mai, where he is at work, two projects (painting exhibitions), one entitled «L’Oriental» (The Oriental) about his lasting attraction and love for Far East Asia. The other project called «Father Buffalo» is an hommage and a tribute to Thai Culture (His family name «Cornu de Lenclos» means «the horned one in its enclosure», that is to say the buffalo itself). Most of his works are spontaneous studies of life. His brushstrokes, which seem free and careless at first glance, are filled with vitality and a descriptive power, all together in the black inked wake of Zen Budhist painters.



Jean-Michel Cornu de Lenclos is a Knight of the French Order of Arts and Letters ( 

Mariam et Jean-Michel Cornu de Lenclos